Thursday, June 20, 2013

Closet Organizing

I finally had time to refresh my life by doing a HUGE room and closet purge. Since I started blogging almost a year and a half ago I started buying and hoarding more and more clothes. I started signing up for monthly subscriptions to receive beauty samples and was soon five subscriptions deep. Little by little my room became unbearable to live in because I wanted to keep everything but had room for nothing. Cleaning my room became a struggle. I would clean one spot only to create a bigger mess in another. I found new uses for old boxes to store miscellaneous items and hid them all under my bed. Eventually, I gave up all together and began just living within one little corner spot in my room. So after a four to five month time period...I finally dedicated a whole day weekend to organizing my room. 

This post will just be on my closet since I was most proud of it's overall revamping (posts on the rest of my room will come later). I'll share some of my tips and new discoveries and how I now find it easier to visualize all my clothes in one bathroom-stall-sized closet. 
One of the first things I did was get rid of all my plastic hangers. I replaced them with these really thin, felt hangers. They really give you SO MUCH SPACE in your closet. I bought a pack of 18 from TJ Maxx just to start with and was amazed by how much more space I had in my closet. My closet isn't that big so just changing out the hangers gave me so much more room to hang up shirts I had forgotten about because they were stuffed away in my dresser. You can buy a big pack of hangers for really cheap at Costco too! 

The next thing I did was getting rid of a shoe rack I had on the floor. I would end up kicking my shoes off into my closet and they began to pile up all over the bottom of my closet. I got this shelf from Target and installed it right inside my closet. I used to store my jeans and shorts in my dresser. Displaying them like this makes it so much easier for me to see all my options. I also didn't know what to do with all my maxi skirts so I bought these square cubby boxes from Target and threw my skirts in there for now. 
Now for my favorite thing I did to my closet. Since I got rid of the shoe rack I had no place to store my shoes. I have a shoe holder on the back of my closet door but I definitely have more shoes than I do space. I went on Pinterest and saw that someone used tension rods (what you use to hang curtains) to create "shelves" for their shoes. I used the left side of my closet as my shoe wall. I measured the distance and for $6 each, I got four adjustable tension rods. (It's important to measure the distance of the wall you want to use because the rods come in different sizes). For hanging heels you need to make sure you stagger the rods so one is higher than the other. It allows the heel of the shoe to hang on the higher rod and the bottom of the shoe to rest on the lower rod. For my flat shoes I installed two rods at the same height and ta da! 


  1. That tension rod idea is genius! love it.

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